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oh cool

2009-01-25 03:59:43 by AmazingCucumber

Comment log on a Rule34 Picture that Pikanjo (Sofa_King_Cool) made:

Sofa_King_Cool: I wish I had gotten a slightly different pose so I could have added a vagina, but otherwise it came out okay.

Anonymous1 (Me): Honestly, I dunno whether to laugh or to rage.

Sofa_King_Cool: Do both, just to be sure



2009-01-14 19:04:43 by AmazingCucumber

dont mind me


$oopah Nin10doh...

2009-01-13 19:06:36 by AmazingCucumber

"Contrived and unoriginal"
by: TetrisClock
date: 14 hours ago

"I don't care if I'm the only damn person on NG that doesn't like this movie. I'll be damned if I don't review this for fear of being crucified by the masses.

Video game parodies on NG are wearing on me. They're trite, derivative, and nauseatingly repetitive. I was hoping to see some video game jokes in this flash juggernaut that hadn't been done before, but I was immediately shown my errors in the beginning of this damn movie. Every single joke has been done before! Why do people still laugh at this stuff?!?

Oh and by the way, I'd very much like to slap the guy that animated pokemon-furry-porn into this humor-wasteland; not because it wasn't funny, because it wasn't, but because I know hundreds of anime-obsessed losers are jacking off to it right now.

The first one was no magum-opus by far, but at least it was bearable. This was painful to watch, and regardless of how annoying this flash was, I still found some parts funny, causing me to hate myself for it. Then again, what can I expect from LegendaryFag and Pikanjo. There's not a single original bone in their collective bodies.

If I see one more f┬Ácking joke about mario and luigi eating mushrooms, I might swear off this damned website on moral and ethical principles."

Goddamn, listen to this man, people.

i got flash

2009-01-10 17:50:25 by AmazingCucumber


i got flash


2008-09-25 19:26:40 by AmazingCucumber